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Where it all began...

Cleo C.jpg

Cleographics started in 2000.  For many years I had worked for a local printing company, involved in all aspects of design, print and copy.  Over this time I loved the interaction with clients, working with their ideas and bringing them to fruition.  Along this process I developed and honed a range of skills which came together nicely to look after and serve businesses with a varied range of media.


The name Cleographics originated from my then fluffy workmate, who wondered into the room whilst we brainstormed for suitable company names.

Cleo was one of two sisters (Petra, was the other, at left in the photo) who we adopted from the SPCA after they were abandoned at birth, Petra, sadly was only with us for a couple of years, before she met her end strolling across Stanniland Street.  Cleo was my buddy for around 16 years, she kept me company whilst working from home and sane on the arrival of our two children.


Oscar, the Oci Cat joined us in 2013.  He is a delightful character, certainly a mummy's boy, but all the while fulfilling his job description, following in Cleo's pawprints...

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